Chrystie Place

Manhattan, New York | Brass Elevator Cladding

A brass weave of metal fabric installed in the elevator cabs at the mixed-use, multi-family development creates a contrast with wooden veneer resulting in a contemporary, yet classic, look and feel. Depth and texture are an integral part of the design as the brass transforms an ordinary application into a dynamic work of art. Carrying hundreds of passengers daily, the mesh is a highly durable material that holds up to the elevators’ heavy use.

"Cambridge Architectural mesh is the perfect material for elevator cabs. The combination of unique dimensional architectural composition combined with the much needed durability factor – not to mention the fact it meets all elevator codes – make mesh the ideal cladding material."

Doug Gilman, Elite Elevator Cab

Product Information

> Circuit Mesh

0% open area

> Panel Attachment


BG Studio

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Elite Elevator Cab

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