An American Original

Cambridge Architectural evolved from a world-renowned American industrial wire belt manufacturer with a century of successful engineered solutions. Our roots remain on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, home to a fourth-generation of artisans dedicated to weaving metal mesh.

Our first architectural installation was at the iconic Seagram Building in New York City in 1957. Today, our craftsmen’s stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and copper woven mesh is displayed in thousands of projects worldwide. 

From parking garages and pedestrian bridges to hotels, hospitals, stadiums and transit hubs, Cambridge metal fabrics transform building interiors and exteriors while providing important environmental, safety and energy-saving benefits.


Mesh Delivers Results

Our woven metal fabric is beautiful and built to last, while providing a variety of functional applications.

Taylor Family Digital Library

University of Calgary

“The mesh reduced the amount of solar heat gain, diminished glare, and lent an interesting and beautiful dimension to the building.”

Bill Chomik, Kasian Architecture


When working with the Cambridge team, architects and contractors can choose from two types of mesh systems to meet a wide range of design, material and budget specifications.


These six systems for common applications are fabricated in a variety of standard sizes and have shorter lead times. They require no Cambridge engineering consultation as long as the project designs stay within the mesh’s size constraints.


From concept development to installation, we offer full-scale project management and engineering services. With access to skilled artisans and creative engineering minds within our walls, we can help execute any architect or designer’s vision no matter the complexity.


Georgia BioScience Training Center


We infused stainless steel into the exterior design to capture the performance benefits of shading while expressing the client’s brand of a decidedly hi-tech facility. The mesh facets and plane changes provide a dynamic, crystalline aesthetic with ever-changing shadows and reflections that suggest a sense of movement.”


Nathan Williamson, Cooper Carry


Cambridge’s woven metal fabric has an uncanny knack for inspiring creative minds.

Perhaps it’s an ability to be open, yet closed at once. To reflect light directly and indirectly, brilliantly and diffusely together. To be rigid, or flexible. Or to be geometrically simplistic at a distance yet vexingly complex up close. Maybe it’s all these unique characteristics at work.

See Cambridge’s mesh solutions on display throughout North America and the world and in every industry sector:

Transforming the visionary designs of today into lasting architectural memories


Artful & Enduring

Because Cambridge is open to your ideas, we offer a wide array of products to bring those visions to life. From façade patterns with open weaves to tightly knit interior fabrics, we have the most comprehensive menu of metal mesh products available. And we offer the most innovative, aesthetically pleasing attachment systems in the industry to ensure a seamless installation to exact design specifications. View our complete product portfolio by systems and mesh style.