Katy Grand Park & Ride

Katy, Texas | Façade and Stair Tower Panels

Large panels of mesh texturize the massive 600,000 square foot garage that serves Metro Bus park & ride commuters in the busy Houston suburb. Although mesh panels are hung vertically on most projects, a combination of upright and side-ways-mounted panels were installed for us by EFI Panels to provide an engaging aesthetic to the façade and corner stair towers. Reflecting sunlight, the mesh shimmers during the day, and LED lighting at night creates a colorful glow that makes the structure visible to the hundreds of thousands of drivers passing by on the adjacent interstate.

"During the day, there is an iridescent sheen to the metal created by the sunlight. Depending on your angle, it creates a rainbow-like effect. At night, the mesh is illuminated with LED uplighting, and gel filters create a splash of color against the stainless steel fabric. The mesh treatment is a really nice way to dress up what is an otherwise ordinary parking structure."

Mark Wade, EFI Panels

Product Information

> Cubist Mesh

80% open area, 20,800 sq. ft.

> Eyebolt Attachment


NewQuest Properties (in-house design)

General Contractor