Meeting Street School

Providence, Rhode Island | Shade Fins

Meeting Street is a national leader in child development, education, research and training. Cambridge's Severn Vertical Shade Fins were selected for new school construction following a period of value engineering and facade simplification. The frameless pre-engineered system was a timely and cost-effective solution for adding shading and aesthetic appeal to the building. The fins were powdered-coated to stand out from the building's gold and white facade and match the royal blue in Meeting Street's logo.

"Our firm came on during the construction administration phase. The client was concerned that the facade was too simple, and we were concerned about glare from the sun and the need to add some color. We started researching sun shades and meshes and found Cambridge Architectural. We were able to integrate the fins with minimal impact to the design and construction schedule and put back some character and function that had been lost."

Mallory Malkasian Barth, Saccoccio & Associates Architects

Product Information

> Mid-Shade Mesh

16 Severn Vertical Shade Fins, 42% open area

> Fin Attachment

Pre-Engineered Systems

> Severn Vertical Solar Shade Fin


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