Comcast Center

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Lobby Interior and Elevator Cabs

Mesh elegantly outfits the Comcast Center’s lobby and complements the futuristic feel of Liberty Property Trust’s state-of-the art building. A prominent addition to the centerpiece reception desk and elevator cabs, the texturized metal fabric catches the eye of every building visitor. Rigid mesh panels were specifically engineered and custom installed to bend along the compound curve of the desk that is backed by a video wall. A sustainable building product, the recycled mesh contributes to the Comcast Center’s LEED certification and onetime status as the nation’s tallest green building.

"Cambridge’s mesh contrasted with the softness of the lobby’s natural wood walls, while contributing to the building’s overall tailored look with just the right texture."

Serge Nalbantian, Liberty Property Trust

Product Information

> Ritz Mesh

1% open area

> Panel Attachment



General Contractor

Patella Woodworking