Ford Motor Co.

Dearborn, Michigan | Powder-Coated Decorative Parking Facade

Parking Decks 300 and 400 at the Ford Engineering & Research Center are part of the Phase One transformation of the company’s Dearborn campus. Ford sought a unique architectural concept for the pre-cast structure, and architects proposed a decorative metal mesh façade. Two tones of powder coating (black and dark grey) create an angled curve on the raw stainless running the length of each façade. For Deck 300, an open notch is incorporated into the metal over the entry/exit and stairwell area. The new mesh pattern created for the project stretches a little taller than other parking fabrics to meet international building codes adopted by Michigan.

"From our standpoint, the Cambridge mesh system offers a relatively cost-effective option to achieve a major architectural impact that changes a garage’s design and look. Mesh is a simple way to dress up a pre-cast structure with less complications and costs than the alternatives."

Richard Kinnell, Rich Associates

Product Information

> Huron Mesh

55% open area, 123 panels, 99,132 sq. ft.

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