Ohlone College

Fremont, California | Etched Stair Tower

To update facilities and unify the campus, Ohlone College added three academic core buildings to its terraced, hillside grounds overlooking San Francisco Bay. Architects specified a decorative metal mesh screen to cover a five-story stair tower. The raw stainless was sandblasted to create a dull matte finish that forms the Ohlone name and an accompanying tree design. The artwork also provides shading to the southern exposure and meets Ohlone’s goal of using recycled materials on building projects.

"The stainless steel fabric and graphic created a visual landmark to aid in campus wayfinding and adds an aesthetically interesting space to promote campus identity and stair usage to navigate building levels."

John Son, Cannon Design

Product Information

> Mid-Shade Mesh

42% open area, 1,451 sq. ft.

> Eclipse Attachment



Design Firm

Cannon Design

General Contractor

Sundt Construction