Universities at Shady Grove

Rockville, Maryland | Parking Solar Shading

A combination of three stainless mesh patterns envelope the façade and unify the 700-space structure, one of the world’s first parking garages to achieve Green Garage certification. The custom design veils the pre-cast structure and acts as a billboard to create a high tech appearance for the regional technology center that is backed by nine leading Maryland universities. Instead of using a monolithic design, the architect’s tri-pattern mesh, in combination with punch-outs, creates interest and airflow. As the sun tracks across the building, different patterns are revealed as the light changes.

"Stainless mesh was a convenient way to incorporate a transparent solar veil over the garage to provide a high-tech appearance that complements the precast structure and serves to unify the geometry of the façade."

Dan McKelvey, Ayers Saint Gross

Product Information

> Mid-Balance Mesh

> Pellican Mesh

> Shade Mesh

29-50% open area, 31,300 sq. ft.

> Eyebolt Attachment


Ayers Saint Gross

General Contractor