The Ohio State University Lane Ave. Garage

Columbus, Ohio | Decorative Parking Facade

Serving the central campus, the 1,400-space garage’s forward-thinking design aligns with the contemporary aesthetic of stainless steel fabric. The dynamic exterior cladding covers but does not close off open areas of the building. Held in tension and suspended by cables, the mesh creates the illusion of floating weightlessly on the façade. Once the sun sets, the stainless reflects linear LED lighting to provide an elegant and soft glow.

"The architectural mesh’s transparency created a visually lightweight and dramatic textural surface on the building during the day, and at night, the fabric was dense enough to reflect warm hued LED lighting integrated into the panel design. Cambridge was very helpful in the design and execution of both the mesh and lighting details, which met all of our requirements."

Pete Confar, Acock Associates Architects

Product Information

> Mid-Balance Mesh

50% open area


Acock Associates Architects

Design Firm

Desman Design Management

General Contractor