Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Cincinnati, Ohio | Decorative Parking Facade

The parking garage for the world-class institution has a basket weave façade created with curved, intersecting metal fabric. It was a first-ever application of both longitudinal and latitudinal curved mesh. While meeting the hospital’s tradition of using dynamic architectural elements for all new construction, the mesh serves as a secure fall protection barrier while remaining transparent to allow views into the well-lit garage for safety at night.

"The metal fabric by Cambridge offered flexibility, durability and ease of installation in addition to the necessary high openness ratio for the two types of exterior treatments used on our project. The combination of these factors with a contemporary, shimmering, diaphanous look locked us in on the project."

Raffi Tomassian, DNK

Product Information

> Mid-Balance Mesh

> Stripe Mesh

46-50% open area

> Eclipse Attachment

> Eyebolt Attachment



General Contractor