Merritt Clubs Canton

Baltimore, Maryland | Parking Façade Cladding

Providing shading on the east and west facades, large metal mesh panels allow the garage to integrate with the vernacular architecture of the surrounding industrial waterfront area and meet the design requirements of the city’s urban design and architectural review panel.

"We wanted to use a material and system that was sophisticated through its simplicity and conducive to longevity in a maritime environment. Cambridge was fantastic. They gave us a tour of their plant to show the history of their operation and how that has led to producing high-quality architectural mesh finishes."

Michael Burton, Urban Design Group

Product Information

> Cubist Mesh

80% open area, 15 panels as large as 13.5 x 75-ft.

> Eyebolt Attachment

Pre-Engineered Systems

> Magothy Parking Screen


Urban Design Group

General Contractor

Merritt Construction Services