Planet Hollywood Theatre

Las Vegas, Nevada | House Dividing System

Impressively large metal mesh partitions hang from the ceiling and cascade down each row of stadium seating to effectively reduce capacity from 7,500 to 2,800 for a more intimate setting. Colored light bounces dramatically off the metal fabric to create a unique indoor spectacle. The partitions keep the smaller space acoustically transparent thanks to the consistency in airflow provided by the mesh’s opacity. Unlike fabric curtains and other materials, the mesh house dividing system meets fire code and is raised and lowered with a motorized reel to accommodate desired seating configurations.

"The former theatre was 30 years old and needed to have the flexibility to be used in several size configurations to maintain its viability. The new functionality and unique look of the mesh panels helped create an effective method of house reduction that revived a tired building for use in an ever-changing Las Vegas market."

Lendall Mains, Architect

Product Information

> Stripe Mesh

46% open area


Lendall Mains Architects

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Martinez + Johnson Architecture

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HOWA Construction