San Mateo County Maple Street Correctional Center

Redwood City, California | Decorative Fins

A model for corrections with compassion, the Maple Street Correctional Center is an inviting building designed to change the way families and community members interact with those in custody. In designing the facility’s curved glass exterior with views of San Francisco Bay, architects chose mesh to perform multiple duties. Six decorative fins, made from recycled materials, stand off the façade and rest perpendicular to the glass to provide sunshade to open areas. LED lights illuminate the fins at night and contribute to the building’s engaging presence. Adding to the center’s U.S. Building Council LEED Gold certification, round caps at the top of each fin collect rainwater, which then spills over and is channeled to a bioswale garden for natural filtering prior to drainage.

"The mesh performed multiple duties on the building’s façade by adding to its inviting design and acting as a sunscreen. It also contributed to the project’s sustainability. We wanted to celebrate the water coming off the roof and running down the mesh fins to a bioswale garden where it’s filtrated before draining into the streets."

Alan Bright, HOK

Product Information

> Mid-Balance Mesh

50% open area



General Contractor

Sundt Construction