Translational Research Institute

Orlando, Florida | Decorative Façade Sunscreens

A sleek façade incorporating intricate weaves of metal mesh creates a unique aesthetic worthy of the complex metabolism and diabetes research taking place within. The mesh eliminates glare inside the building and reduces solar heat gain while lowering HVAC costs for a majority of the year. At night, yellow LED’s reflecting on the mesh produce a crisscross hatching effect.

"As day turns to night, the building’s main street façade composed of the stainless steel sunscreens transform from a solid form into a transparent veil revealing an illuminated curtain wall that visually hints at the research discoveries occurring within."

Shannon Liggett, Flad Architects

Product Information

> Cubist Mesh

80% open area

> Eclipse Attachment


Flad Architects

General Contractor

Brasfield & Gorrie General Contractors