255 King Street

Seattle, Washington | Parking Façade Cladding

The mixed-use twin tower development in Pioneer Square includes a 23-story Embassy Suites by Hilton and 11-story office tower that share a garage for employees and hotel guests. Designers chose mesh as a timeless garage cladding material that accents the towers and complements the historic buildings surrounding the project. The open mesh pattern preserves spectacular views and allows for passive ventilation, saving space and costs required for mechanical air circulation.

"The building has ‘front row seats’ to the stadium and views of Mount Rainer. The mesh allowed us to preserve those views from the parking levels, which greatly enhanced wayfinding for users. The parking garage is especially nice in the evening as we installed an LED light system behind it that creates a sparkling diaphanous screen to complement the stadium lights."

Arthur S. Chang, Freiheit Architecture

Product Information

> Cubist Mesh

80% open area, 14,000 sq. ft.


Freiheit Architecture

General Contractor

SoDo Builders