Chemeketa College

Salem, Oregon | Vertical Shade Fins

Mesh fins lie perpendicular to the exterior of the college’s Center for Business and Industry creating a unique texture and dramatic design. The pre-engineered fins lie at a three-degree angle perpendicular to the building façade. Jutting out to add depth and interest, the stainless steel accents control the amount of light entering the interior space while optimizing views from within.

"Cambridge was very helpful in the design-build process. They built a detailed mock-up of the mesh fin and sent a representative on site to show us how the product would be attached to the building. As a result, the installation process went very smoothly, and the final product looks great."

Bruce Van Hine, JE Dunn Construction

Product Information

> Mid-Balance Mesh

50% open area

> Eclipse Attachment


AC + CO Architecture

General Contractor

JE Dunn Construction